Wednesday, 5 December 2012

How to make a CHRISTmas decoration

How to make a CHRISTmas decorations

Where the idea came from......... A few weeks ago I was in the local craft shop and i spotted these big packs of wooden hearts, my mind became full of ideas to transform the hearts. Firstly I thought about painting them white to fit in with my 'white theme' that I have choosen to use this year for my decorations. Then the next day I went to a big charity fair in a warehouse filled with everything you can imagine at super cheap prices!!! :) this is where I spotted some mini bibles and thought ahhh I could use the Christmas story to put on the hearts, although I did struggle with cutting them up as they are just so cute!!!!!

Here is some pics of how I did it...

The finished result!!

The cute little mini Bibles and 75p for all three :)
So here are the hearts, they came in a couple of different sizes. Firstly I drilled small holes at the top of every heart for threading a ribbon/ string or wire for hanging.

Then I found a verse i wanted on the heart ( I choose the Christmas story) i drew around it then cut it out.

The last step was to glue it on using pva or wood glue, also putting a thin layer over the top of the paper to seal it. Finally I threaded through some gold thread and I was done!!

They are now hanging on my tree along with some small pom poms I made and glittery baubles. Simple but homely !!


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  1. i imagine you could do so many fun things with these hearts, fun!