Monday, 26 August 2013

Chinese supermarket

I stumbled upon a Chinese supermarket not far from my house in my quest of looking for bags (long story) but it was just sooo cool I just adore the colours, cute pictures and writing on all the food products. It was such an inspiration and fun place to visit, I shall certainly go there again :)


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sunny July community wall

So it been a busy month with lots going on. Firstly I thought I would show you set by step one of the projects i've been working on. It's a wall within a local community and they were given some money and paint by dulux to complete the project. This project had to be complete within a tight deadline and thats where I got involved, they already had the paint (not the best colours i have to say) and some ideas of what they wanted on the wall and also the portacabin. To start with it was half of the wall but later with positive feed back we went on to paint all of the wall. The kids within the area were so enthusiastic and keen to help this made the project so much more fun and of course the fact is been the nicest weather ever!!!

This is how the wall and portacabin started off

We lighten the whole wall and painted on some grass.

Next come what looked like cheese triangles but it was actually the bunting ready for the wording 'Printfield'

Then I had to do some touching up and add some trees for the bunting to be tied to
Then came the fun part where all the children got some chalk and started to draw some cool bugs, butterflies and flowers on the wall.
I especially love this big bumble bee.
And cute little white bird.
This is when we decided to go with the whole wall and start the same process all over again on the second half of the wall and continue the bunting to say 'community'
And it's done!!! It says Printfield community
Then we started on the portacabin after discussions with some of the teenagers we came up with signs as the theme to promoting what goes on inside the club/ portacabin.
The first stage was getting the blocks of colour on
Deciding what the signs should say !!

.............. And its done!!!