Saturday, 7 September 2013

I have no shoes to wear!

I never seem to be able to find any shoes to wear! Why is this I thought, i seem to have lots of shoes. So I pulled them all out to see what I have.

Most of the shoes I own (I have a few pairs over in cyprus and a few random pairs in my car)


My trainers (x 2 pairs that are a size too big)

My boots
My wellies

My work/gardening shoes

3x odd shoes???!!!!!!
The shoes I actually wear....
The shoes I am throwing out
Lastly ......
My little puppy Alfie's favourite shoes .... He has munched on them all :( and is never far away from them.

64 pairs of footwear and 3 odd ones!!!

So why do I feel I have no shoes to wear? I still have no answer!!!!