Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Making snow globes

How to make a snow/ dog globe .....

Key tips : make sure your jar opening and length is big enough to fit in what you want to feature in your snow globe.

Get a jar with a seal tight lid or glue the lid closed after you are finished with sealant glue

Use the lid to sick your objects on as its easier to glue to.

Build up the lid to raise your objects up so you can see them when it's all put together

Use plasticine!!!!! it works both to build up a little hill for your objects to sit on and acts like glue to hold them in place. It also works well in the water.

Dry snow globes ( ones with no water, just snow ) look just as good!!

You must use distilled/ bottled water NOT tap water as it goes mouldy pretty quickly!

Some of the mini trees you buy make the water turn green, go for plastic if you don't want that to happen.

Any thing goes even little plastic dogs - which you can spray paint any colour.

Shake it up!!