Monday, 2 February 2015


One Enlightened Evening
So i had two loaves of bread sitting beside my toaster last night and thought i would go for the high calorie tasty heavy option. Then as i was waiting for my toast to pop up i had a wee look to see how much calories i would be scoffing, however I was shocked and surprised to see it was only 115 calorie per slice, no way i thought, that can't be right! Then I looked at the other bread to see how many calories it had and there wasn't much difference between them, after looking at the sugar, salt etc I thought 'wow' thats quite unbelievable. All these years I've been thinking brown bread is much better for you and much lower in calories and probably eating twice as much for that reason and also because one slice doesn't fill you up you need at least 2 or 3. However with the thick heavy tasty white bread one is just right, especially when toasted!!