Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Mmmmmm lights

My naMe in lights ...

It starts with some cardboard and tape to make the letter M

Then I punched holes where I wanted the little fairy lights to go
I covered with deco mâché paper / tissue paper
Punched the holes back in along with the lights

Volia... Finished!

Skin Testing

Skin Testing ... Waste of time!!

Day 1 - They fill the small dots with creams etc then tape them to your back for 3 days. During this time you have to be careful with clothes etc, no exercise or sweating and no showers.

On day 3 - they take them off ( although most have moved and come lose by then) they then chalk your back to show where they have been (interesting way to do it) and to be honest within a few hours it's all pretty much rubbed off. From day 3 -5 still no showering.

Day 5 - meet with the doctor to tell you the results!

Surely there must be a better and more accurate way of doing a test than this ?!