Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A letter to Melody

Thanks Melody for sending me your flat Sally all the way from Texas, USA. You did a amazing job of drawing her, she looked very cool! As I think your planning on visiting us in a few months :) I thought I would show Sally some of the places you might like to see when you are here.

I know young girls like you get hungry when travelling so I thought upon arrival you might like a 'chippy' or 'chipshop' this is where they make chips from really potatoes and you can have fish(haddock or cod)fried with crispy batter and chips or there are many different types of puddings (no not the desert kind) red, black, white and haggis puddings fried and covered in crispy batter with chips of course. Or even a macaroni or scotch pie. Yum!!

Sally deciding what she wants....

After this you might like a walk along the beach ..

When Sally and I went it was a bit windy and dull. This happens a lot in Aberdeen but sometimes the sun does come out and people even go swimming in the sea, some even surf, some cycle, some run and some walk their dogs along the beach. Fingers crossed its sunny when your here - maybe you could take the sun with you? please!!! Beside the beach there are many cafés and ice cream shops (incase you get hungry again) But also this is where you find the fUNFAIR.

Sally especially like this, she wanted to go on all the rides ...

Along with the new animal barn ...
And the pirate island adventure golf, with Kimmy and Alfie. Sally even got a hole in one!!

And almost eaten by some big teeth and caught by a pirate! It was pretty scary!!

Maybe after you have recovered from that excitement you might get time to go on a trip to glasgow
And visit the Robert Burns museum.

Robert Burns is a famous Scottish poet. We even have a day dedicated to him, 25th January when we eat haggis, neaps and tatties, we may even go to a ceilidh to do some Scottish dancing and listen to some of rabbies poems spoken in Doric - a funny Scottish dilict. The men may even wear kilts (a taran skirt) it does look quite handsome I have to say - your dad may have one?!

Perhaps after all that culture you might need to pop into the supermarket. One of the biggest in Aberdeen is Tesco. (it's a bit like Walmart) Sally spotted the sweetie aisle. You are going to have to try some of the sweets while you are here, they are just sooo yummy and very moorish ....

Then lastly you will have to get yourself a souvenir, perhaps a Wee Scottie dog or a tartan scarf or a photo of a highland cow ...

Thank you again Melody for sending me flat Sally, we had a great time on our adventures.

Hope you like our photos, I have popped Sally back in a envelope and she will be with you again soon.

see you in a few months




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