Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 13

So today i woke up and my hair colour looked really emmm lets say 'weird' is the only word i can think of, so yet another hair dye was purchased. With kimbers help it looks a lot better ..quite dark but ok ..i think!!! we'll see how it looks tomorrow...i'll post a pic for you all to comment on. Its quite a shock at first glance!

Worked on some more books for the exhibition with a group of special educational needs teenagers, they did a great job!!

Friday, 25 February 2011

Day 12

Ok so today I've spent most of the day researching... all sorts of things really ..when i stumbled on this blog
It has to be the best blog I've seen so far.. the time and effort put into it really puts mine to shame :(
well i guess i know what possible in time!!

I am now a brunette!!!

I got another 2 letters, oooohhh how i love to get mail :)

thanks mum xxx

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Day 11 meetings and more meetings

Had a very interesting and long day... lots of business meetings (more info on this to come later)  ;)

Then worked with the special needs kids tonight, has to be one of my favorite classes, have got to know them so well over the years! We were making books with them to be exhibited in the old peir unit in town.

Hope your resting pops!xxx

Day 10- TYC t-shirts

Worked on some t-shirts with the torry youth cafe kids
pic's to follow

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Day 9 ... Soup recipe

I thought today i would share a low fat soup recipe, I made it tonight with what i had in the fridge.... it was sooo yummy!!!

You will need ............
  1. 3-4 large carrots
  2. 2-3 sticks of celery
  3. a big chunk of celeriac (about a quarter of a small one)
  4. 1 large onion
  5. 1 dessert spoon of knor vegetable stock granules
First chop onion and fry in a large pan with sunflower oil (or olive oil) until soft then add chopped carrot for a few minutes. 

Fill the pan about 3/4 full with hot water, add chopped celeriac, chopped celery, stock and a sprinkling of sea salt

Cover with a lid and boil for 30 minutes.


Eat and enjoy!!!!   YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Day 8

So today I got some exciting mail............         

Firstly a letter and some bits and pieces from my mum.
Thanks MuM x (hopefully i will get the other ones too)

and also i got a letter about a competition i entered and am now through to the next stage ....yay!! :)

Day 5,6,7

Day 5,6 & 7 I spent near stansted and had a really lovely time thanks to liz and Sam :) The houses down there were just sooo cute                                               

In every colour from pink,blue & yellow..... just wished the houses were like that here in Aberdeen!!!

We had a good laugh at the murder mystery medieval night on sat.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 4

Well today i was working on a holocaust memorial banner project that i have been involved with through my work. Its looking really good, almost finished and ready to be hung in the 8 schools who have taken part.

Heres a sneaky peek.

 ** Craft idea ** 

1. let your child draw a pic of themselves onto plain fabric with fabric pens or crayons, iron the picture to set and make permanent 

2. get another peice of fabric the same size and place right sides together  

3. handstitch or machine sew both peices together roughly around the drawing (it helps if the fabric is not to thick so you can see through it, to see the drawing) leaving a small gap.(to stuff later) 

4. Use the gap to turn the whole thing inside out (a bit like a sock) now you should have the cute drawing of the child on one side and a plain or perhaps patterned fabric on the other. 

5. use the gap again to stuff with stuffing or old tights etc  

6. handstitch the gap closed  

7. Finished .....use and enjoy!!

Also watched beauty and the beast tonight... what a very touching programme that is!!

Also Also kimberley got her exam results and passed them all yay!! ...shes a clever cloggs! xxx                     

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Day 3.... Resin Necklaces

Hey guys

Well today i have taken some of my resin jewellery down to the shop coco violet at the green, to sell <3 You should check it out... its such a lovely shop!! 

I'll try to post a link to their website and maybe a pic or 2 x


Here is a couple of examples of my resin necklaces i have in  
coco violet  ********* I hope you like them! *********

My Jewellery can also be found on my etsy shop

day 2

Hi guys, well its my second day of blogging and thought i would let you know what ive done today. most of my day was spent making a dress with some fabric i bought whilst visiting my parents in cyprus. i'll post a picture for you all to comment on. x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

day 1

Hi guys!

Ive just created this blog and will hopefully start to use it to share my craft knowledge