Monday, 25 July 2011

Aberdeen Art Gallery - Textile project

Such a lovely project to be involved in, working in the Art gallery education room from tuesday untill Saturday, my idea was to create large origami type animals from fabric to relate to the wildlife photography exhibition being shown upstairs. It was a lot of hard work and long hours but the end result was one i was pretty happy with and thankfully the feed back has been really positive! On the saturday the public came into the studio to help us out by making pom poms- for the tails of the fox's or fluffy birds to hang in the studio, everyone seem to enjoy it and many pom poms were made by all ages from little tots to grandads ;)
A few pictures of work in progress on the textile wildlife project at the Aberdeen Art Gallery

Monday, 18 July 2011

Some childrens classes

Thought i would share some pic examples of the kids work in the classes ive done recently .... also Good Ideas for crafting with your kids during the holidays ...The matchbox people were sooo cute you can make the box their house, bed, or even a tv for them to act in ;) Use the matches to make the little people with thread, fabric or pipe cleaners.. really just anything you have lying around

Some cute spoon people

June Birthday

I had my birthday in June and what a lovely birthday it was, here are some of the highlights ....lovely handdrawn pics in my birthday card from kim 
 also a lovely cake with my fav curly wurly stuck on top...yummers!!!
And then some homemade sushi...yummy and fun!!!!