Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day 4

Well today i was working on a holocaust memorial banner project that i have been involved with through my work. Its looking really good, almost finished and ready to be hung in the 8 schools who have taken part.

Heres a sneaky peek.

 ** Craft idea ** 

1. let your child draw a pic of themselves onto plain fabric with fabric pens or crayons, iron the picture to set and make permanent 

2. get another peice of fabric the same size and place right sides together  

3. handstitch or machine sew both peices together roughly around the drawing (it helps if the fabric is not to thick so you can see through it, to see the drawing) leaving a small gap.(to stuff later) 

4. Use the gap to turn the whole thing inside out (a bit like a sock) now you should have the cute drawing of the child on one side and a plain or perhaps patterned fabric on the other. 

5. use the gap again to stuff with stuffing or old tights etc  

6. handstitch the gap closed  

7. Finished .....use and enjoy!!

Also watched beauty and the beast tonight... what a very touching programme that is!!

Also Also kimberley got her exam results and passed them all yay!! ...shes a clever cloggs! xxx                     

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  1. I think this is fantastic and posted before on it but where has it gone?